This story is written for young men desiring to access a greater dimension of their own power as a creative force in the world, whether working to serve their family, their tribe, humanity, our shared biosphere—it matters not.

Whether your most passionate dreams and pressing concerns at this moment are related to knowing and honoring yourself as a man, making changes in your personal life, starting an enterprise, or in any way bringing about a more beautiful world, I invite you to find yourself in this story.

The main character happens to be a young, aggressive, rebellious, brilliant, enterprising 17-year code writer named Damon, who is passionate about developing himself as a man.  Jonathan, the speaker at the seminar speaks to the audience primarily of the challenges of ‘self-guidance’ when it comes to being successful in one’s personal life.  Both characters share a passion for liberty, entrepreneurship and human development.

I invite you to see them as brothers, who may hold insights for you making your way in the world and achieving whatever your mission is.

The concepts presented in this book are serious.  Towards the end of the book, you’ll see how the problems we face in our personal lives and the problems we face on a global level are related by what I call the “core conflict of consciousness.”

Understanding this core conflict and it’s relationship to bringing about the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible has yielded powerful new human technologies which are right now empowering visionary entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, enterprising artists and activists—and every day people.

I challenge you to bring your personal challenges in your life and work into the forefront of your awareness as you read this book, and actively look for and be receptive to new insights and questions.  Links to tools and resources will be provided to assist you on your journey of discovery and in your mission in the world.

This book is not a solution to your problems and our shared global crises.  It is the beginning of a journey—or a further step along your ongoing journey to be a creative and courageous force for good in our world, and holds insight and links to resources for you to accomplish your mission.

This book is not an invitation to see yourself as someone fighting against the world to get more ‘wealth’ for yourself.  It is an invitation to join those who see themselves as men of honor, who are not waiting for someone else to save the day and are not trying to force their values on others—men who are warriors standing for honoring their values while creating an abundance of value for others, and attaining ever more mastery on this path, the path of the Wealth Warrior.

If this book speaks to you, take bold action to connect with us at to continue your learning, and to find yourself among men who can be brothers and allies.  And please pass it on to other young men.  I welcome you to share it freely as a gift.

Wealth Warrior Terminology

Awake –being so clear about your values that you naturally feel like honoring your values in the moment.  When Alex was awake, there was no question in his mind whether or not he’d exercise.

Awakening –a realization, which leaves one feeling more responsible.  Dennis experienced many awakenings from participating in transformational workshops.

Honor (n.) –The feeling experienced when you get the reflection that you are someone who honors his values, and stands for what he believes in.  When John stood up in the middle of the class and defended his beliefs, he felt honor.

Honor (v.) –To act in integrity with one’s values.  He honored himself by doing what he believed in.

Power –the ability to cause change or produce results (not to be confused with political power which is physical force, or the threat of it).  Few people ever harness the highest levels of conscious power.

Reflection –How you see yourself in the story that your mind is telling at any one point in time (as opposed to projection, which is how you try to see yourself).  Whenever Jason ran up the hill with all the effort he had, he got the reflection of being a warrior, like Lance Armstrong conquering the Alps.

Technology –a better way of doing something.  Sam was always on the lookout for new technology, which he could use to improve his life.

Value –That which a man acts to gain or keep, including an object, goal or reward considered to be worth earning; a principle considered to be worth living by; a standard considered to be worth living up to; or quality considered to be worth acquiring or keeping.  Integrity was one of Dr. Martin’s highest values, so he always made an effort to keep his word.

Vision –What you naturally see and expect when you look to the future in any moment (as opposed to a wish, hope, dream or fantasy, which are things you want to see).  Vision is a power of consciousness that few know how to use to their advantage.  Bill’s vision was not a powerful one.

Warrior –1) someone who pursues self-mastery and excellence, and approaches life head on with bold action.  Thadeus lived life like a warrior.

Wealth –an abundance of values (each of us determines what is of value to us and what is not.).  Malik was not wealthy, because even though he had a ton of money, he had no honor or happiness.

Wealth Warrior –someone who stands for and creates his values in the face of inner conflict.  Koray recognized that the war to be won was the war inside his own mind, and he chose to be a wealth warrior.

Weapons –ideas or tools, which can be used to win the war inside one’s mind.  Jim used self-honesty as a weapon to cut through others’ criticism and extract maximum value from it.


Mystery Man

It was 4:23am and Damon Michael Kines held the pedal to the metal.  His mind seemingly powered by the thundering rhythm of Rage Against the Machine’s second album, he raced past a sign that said Las Vegas 182 miles—but it was only a blur to him.  He was lost in thought again, reliving the morning he had met “the mystery man,” who had introduced himself as Frank D’Anconia.

Damon, or “Day-Man,” as his friends had jokingly named the 17-year-old secretive loner who stayed up all night and only slept during the day, had just sat down at a corner table in the lobby lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Diego and looked at his watch.  “8:55am.  I’m 5 minutes early,” he had thought to himself.

Damon had been up all night again furiously writing code, but his eyes didn’t betray the soreness of his sleep-deprived body.  Except for his intense eyes, Damon had the innocent face of an average 17-year-old.  He was, however, used to people mistaking him for a man in his early twenties due to what people called his calm, confident manner –his obvious sense of self-respect.

However, that morning at the hotel Damon had been self-conscious of his appearance, not wanting to reveal his youth to this man who might have a very profitable assignment for him.  He’d also been perhaps overly conscious of the knots in his stomach.  It was fear—but Damon Kines thrived on fear.  The assignments he often stayed up all night working on didn’t usually fit neatly within the law.

Racing tightly around a highway bend, Damon smiled, thinking back about it now, at how nervous he had been that morning.  Was it simply a fear of the unknown, he wondered, Or was it that the mystery man might be a government agent or someone else who might be laying a trap for me? 

Damon had known that there was no way anyone could prove he did anything illegal, as he always covered his tracks perfectly.  That’s why he was in such high demand.  His reputation had made this 17-year-old rich beyond his wildest childhood dreams, as corporations and wealthy individuals sought him out and waited in line for him to accept their assignments.

On the other hand, his reputation was the source of his problems—or at least his fears.  He’d been labeled a crypto-anarchist, and was considered by many to be a threat to the almighty state.  His unusual confidence had not come as much from his ability to hide his tracks, as from his almost righteous sense of purpose.  Damon believed in what he was doing, and he only took assignments that he felt were right.

Sitting and waiting for the man who had called him out of the blue the night before, Damon had tried to relax while maintaining a look of confidence.  The man had told him that he must meet with him no later than the very next morning, and that it concerned his future.  What a strange call, Damon had thought after hanging up.  Still he had set an appointment to meet the man the following morning at 9am at the Four Seasons.

Read the rest of the story.

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