Racing down a California highway on his way to a private futurist event in Las Vegas, 17-year-old crypto-code writing prodigy, Damon Michael Kines, is lost in his thoughts. Why has he been chosen? Why had the man who called himself Frank D’Anconia singled him out?

D’anconia had said his futurist organization was recruiting the best minds of the rising generation to develop advanced self-guidance technology, and that this technology is supposed to save the human race from self-destruction. Young Damon’s mind races with the prospect of writing code for this organization that is on a mission of this magnitude.

When Damon arrives at his destination, the seminar leader stuns him with his lucid presentation of the core conflict of consciousness using simple metaphors and common sense diagrams. Damon wants in. He wants to play an important role in developing technology for the conscious evolution of human-kind.

Is it truth or fiction? You’re about to find out.

“I am also convinced that Eli Goldratt is a giant among modern thinkers, so when I saw that you applied TOC to resolving inner conflicts I was very intrigued. Then as soon as I read your homage to Francisco I knew that I wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night! There were so many threads that I recognized in your work that I have tried to bring together in my own life: warriorship, ritual, intensifying the context in which we live through a more powerful life metaphor, mobilizing a tight-knit group of people to change the world, etc. And the best description I have read of the things that have held me back, you hit me right where I live. Thanks again.” – Jim Davis

“Excellent stuff! Intellectually I see this being like a synthesis of Nathaniel Branden’s functional psychology with Julian Jaynes’ theoretical psychology. But what you’ve shown me already will take me light years beyond anything each of their works would do by themselves… Thanks for starting to bridge a gap in my mental world that will lead me to permanent success.” – E

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