“Legit. ¬†Actionable. ¬†Life-Changing.” – Review by John Morris

“I want to be 100% transparent with my review, because the thing is… I want you to buy this book. My initial thought is to be ultra-aggressive and tell you all the reasons you should buy this book. But, often times, that can came across NOT genuine… and more than anything I want you to know how genuine this is.

“Awakening the Wealth Warrios (AWW) is how I was first introduced to Michael Skye and his work. Since then I’ve gone on to attend Michael’s Boot Camp, meet and get to know Michael personally, and consider him like a brother to me. To say it changed my life is an understatement.

“I attended Michael’s Boot Camp roughly a year or so after returning from Iraq. At that time, I was at a very difficult point in my life. Having spent a year in Iraq, during the first few years of the war, I was in the darkest part of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)… which, at that time, the Army knew very little about.

“I had bounced from job to job trying to provide for my family while simultaneously trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. I had quit several high-paying jobs because the stress levels were simply too high for me to handle. I had finally settled on working at pizza place as an Assistant Manager.

“I remember many nights how overwhelmed I would get during our evening rush. My body would react to the stress of that rush as if it were a life-threatening event (because in Iraq, stress events usually were) and it would completely overwhelm me emotionally. I remember I used to fight back tears and anger all through the rush… and the first break I got, I would run out behind the building and bawl my eyes out for 5 or 10 minutes.

“This had been my life for about a year or so. Anything that was remotely stressful would completely overwhelm me… and I didn’t know what to do. I was at the point where it was becoming too much for be to take and I had thought of ending my life several times. When I started actually making tentative plans for my suicide is when I knew I had to something.

“During all of this I had been exposed to some of Michael’s work and it had helped me to deal with certain parts of my PTSD. But, I hadn’t got the full thrust of his work. Coincidentally, Michael had decided to offer his Boot Camp as a gift to a group of people and he started accepting applications. So, I applied and was accepted.

“What happened to me at Boot Camp was nothing short of life-saving. That experience saved my life. I’m confident that I would not be here today had I not attended.

“Now, to be clear, Michael’s work is NOT about treating PTSD or any mental health disorder. That was just the effect for me. For me, Boot Camp gave me hope again. To be in the presence of and feel so much honor flipped the script for me. Instead of my life slowly winding down the drain… I found the energy to climb back out. And, that’s what I did.

“At that time, I had two little boys who would probably have been without their father… and I now have a third how probably would never have been born if not for Michael and his work. It’s impossible for me to illustrate just how much this has all meant to me.

“However, to say that Boot Camp magically and instantly changed my life would be misleading. This isn’t some magical experience that instantly changes your life. It’s real tools that you must CHOOSE to apply. And, that’s what it did do… is give me the tools to take control of my life… tools I’ve never seen anywhere else – even to this day.

“Plain and simple… the technology works.

“So, what does all this have to do with AWW?

“Well, this is where you start. In AWW, Michael describes the “problem of consciousness” – inner conflict. To me, even to this day… there’s nothing more profound, I believe, for a person to “get”. Because, when you get it at the level Michael intends… it becomes crystal clear what’s been holding you back. It changes how you view your relationships with others. It changes your relationship with your self… and you get incredibly clear on what you need to do.

“AWW is akin to the scene in the movie The Matrix where Morpheus offers Neo the red pill or the blue pill. AWW will awaken you to the reality of the war taking place in your mind… the war you’ve probably been all too happy to ignore up to this point. It will allow you to see clearly what you’re capable of in your life and EXACTLY what is holding you back. At which point, you’ll have to choose whether to slide back into blissful ignorance or Stay Awake, embrace the challenge of your life, and boldly act to win the war and create the life you were meant to live.

“Personally, I suggest the red pill!”

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